Rilke and Fashioning Anew

Depleted nature takes her lovers back into her bosom, as though she had not strength to fashion them anew.
And so we too, 







remind and renew, 


The Three-Eyed Raven and the Ghost Buffalo

Yes, it's been far too long since I've updated here on the Ghost Buffalo.  My gratitude to those who continue to check in, or have been noodging me to keep them posted.

I have discovered that to divorce one Social Media app, (Facebook), is to hastily marry another, (Instagram): 

It's been a soggy wet winter after the Colorado-wide drought from hell last year.  As I write, the sky is blue, the ground is wet, and the back forty is greener than it was all last summer.

I've been writing of course, and painting of course, and desperately seeking spring.

A painting of mine was a finalist in the Colorado Wine Fest Poster Contest in February: (always a bridesmaid): 

Another has been entered into the Palisade Peach Festival Poster contest: 

A poem of mine, "Ode to the Slow"  appears in the current issue of Hopkins Review:

HOPKINS REVIEW: Wendy Videlock/Ode to the Slow

I've got a poem upcoming in Rattle, another two upcoming in the Hopkins Review, three poems soon to appea…

To the New Year, WS Merwin


Newborn foals, hats, and roles, & curiously balanced cats

How You Might Approach a Foal:
like a lagoon, like a canoe, like you
are part earth and part moon, like
a bloom, like deja vu, like you
had never been to the brink or the Louvre,
like straw, like air, like your mother had just this morning braided a dream into your hair, like you have nothing to attend to, like you had never heard a sermon or a scathing word, like a fool, like a pearl, like you and new to the world.

The little poem above first appeared in The New Criterion, was later reprinted in Best American Poetry, was set to music twice, was the subject of a Youtube discussion with high school kids, made its way into a dear friend's Tedx Talk, was the subject of a comprehensive review in Borderlands, appeared in RCAH Center for Poetry,and will appear in an upcoming anthology entitled Here, with an introduction by the Dalai Lama.  Except for its first appearance in The New Criterion, each of these inclusions and collaborations and requests came as a complete surprise to me.  The poem, or should I say, the …

Hestia and the Art of Staying Strangely Sane

Hestia shook her head. "I am here because when all else fails, when all the other mighty gods have gone off to war, I am all that's left. Home. Hearth. I am the last Olympian".  (rick riordan)

One fire, many campfires. 

I have been asked by a dear friend to speak on the radio on the subject of the domestic arts.

I'm still mulling what sort of useful comments I might have to contribute. I suspect the Arts are all the same in that there are no rules, and one need only follow one's own impulses, but it sure helps to have learned one's scales, 

to make good use of what's on hand,

to be still, and mind the sentinels, 

to reap the many benefits of wintering

and summering,