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For Monnie who has today faded away

Rest in peace, sweet Monnie, maker of portraits, gardens, and living rooms.

The Great Train
Monnie across the street believesShe’s travelling in a great trainAnd travelling far;
Tonight she dines in the dining car,The meat is sweet but the soup is thick and tastes
a little bit like tar, all the same, you come too, she softly croons, patting my hand
while through the glass her gaze remains on the changing plains, the clearing rain,the stars, the stars, the stars.

(first appeared in Think Journal)

Pink is not just a color; it's an attitude.

Language cares.
- Nemerov

Illuminations, para mi esposo


Tree houses, mirrors, and pathways,
some things the old man made

Word from Oz

A review of David Hume, a merciless look at Christopher Ricks' Bob Dylan book, and a couple of poems by yrs truly in the current issue of Quadrant:

To have a second language is to have a second soul.
- Charlemagne

How Language Forms Thought

A class I'll be teaching this Saturday:
Blue Pig
Trickster is amoral, not immoral.
-Lewis Hyde

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
- Oscar

Here's to you, world, and all your weird integrity.
integrity, from the Latin integritatem, meaning 'soundness, blameless', from integer, meaning 'whole' and the Anglo French entirety.

Poems Adrift

A sampling of poems and a review of my work has been added to the pages of Poetry International:
Poetry International
"Change" has been reproduced on 3 Quarks Daily:
3 Quarks