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The older I get the more porous I become.  

Nothing is to be preferred before justice.  

- Socrates

I have been thinking about this thing we call Justice.  There are those who seek it their entire lives, from fundamentalists to progressives.  The word appears in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance.  We have iconic images attached to it, notions ascribed to it, books written about it, and we build entire systems on it --  but we have no model phenomenon for it. There is no justice in nature, says the most dangerous man in America.  


It can be a disease... this doing good.    - Art

Justice is only one of a number of concepts nature has no need for.    - PJH 

I find mercy more fascinating.  - Cally

If we find ourselves taking justice for granted, we've lost our minds, not to mention our souls.   - JL

Justice is the brother of revenge.  - CH

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. MLKJ

We don't see justice in nature because there are no crimes in nature.�…

A Few Things

A poem of mine was a finalist for the 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize. I am grateful for the recognition.

Rattle Prize

I'll be reading for the first of Ridgway's Open Bard Series, Oct 3:

from The Watch:

Videlock in Ridgway

Was happy to contribute a painting for promotion of the upcoming Western Colorado Writers Forum Literary Festival.

Updated paintings from the Blue Pig Gallery:

The Blue Pig
Perception itself is a form of grace. 
    -Diane Ackerman

My son tells me he does his physics homework while watching football. This seems entirely poetical to me.  
My daughter has purchased a motorcycle.   This, too.  


It was a real  long day, from golden colorado to tucson          arizona,
sunflowers all the way.  

A fortiori

Working with the veterans has been memorable, meaningful.   Never again shall I teach a workshop, or anything remotely resembling Creative Writing.   "Creative Reading" is the best description of what I have been teaching in recent years, and I thank Cally Conan Davies for having given me the name, and the many resources she has provided.  These men and women at the Veteran's Center have taught me more than I have taught them, as is always the case when teaching is, as Commander Robert would say, Conversation.  I shall do another 5-week session soon.

It takes massive poetic wings to think of a dim capacity for wings.   

-- Kay on Emily

Against Aesthetics

Whatever it is the critic does, it cannot be scientific.   -  William Logan

From The New Criterion:

Logan: Against Aesthetics