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Verse Daily

A poem of mine is featured on Verse Daily this morning, which was picked up from the current issue of Rattle:

Videlock on Verse Daily

And an upcoming reading:

Another Kokapelli for the Husband


In Which the Poet Writes a Poem

In Which the Poet does Anything but Facebook

My hermitage continues.  

It too is addictive.

Though my pace is considerably slowed, and my words are reserved for the page, the poets come visit, the moon goes large, the deer continue to graze.  

If we're talking

all the time

and opining 
and opining 
and opining

all the time

surely something dies.  

My son has set about convincing me that Instagram is more my pace, particularly for selling art.   I have assured him it's on my list of things to investigate.  Along with shadow, shape, and form, and other things that lie still, and germinate.  

Hold On



November saves its words,
then explodes.
Its brilliance ferries in 

the cold.  It blurs the line 

between the holy and the ghost,  the parachute and the river boat, the omen and

the grace note.  

Why Bother with Poetry ?

The pleasures of poetry are subversive, and perhaps always have been:

Why Bother with Poetry ? Stallings TLS

Odi et Amo

Denver gives me panic, but it's full of friendlies, and we get to visit our son in Golden when in the area.  Thanks to Joe Hutchison for the invitation, and to all old friends who came out to BookBar Saturday night.  I was surprised and humbled by the turnout.

On Being Asked How Went the Reading

It was lovely it
was luscious but

why is it I 

love and 

cannot trust 

the world of malls, 
a rebel with

out a cause
or the sound 
       of applause.