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William Blake

The prince's robes and beggar's rags
Are toadstools on the miser's bags.
A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent.
It is right, it should be so
Man was made for joy and woe,
And when this we rightly know
Through the world we safely go
Kafka is said to have kept a sign above his desk which said: Wait.

Zoom zoom zoom

When a mother is suddenly home alone

on a summer night,

when the silence she has longed for

is just right,

when the breeze is on,

when the dusk is long

and everyone at home

is gone, she moves around

to the soft sound

of being alone,

of being her own

beckoning call

in the missing them all.

Poets think they are pitchers but they are catchers. .-- Jack Spicer
. A woman’s hair moves at one-tenth
its former speed, like lace curtains
billowing off a shock of window
on a most uneventful day, the way
you sometimes might see summer rain--
a wave of linens hanging from the sun.
And the older you get, it doesn’t part,
just compresses, as you start to dwell
beneath the shed of moments falling
over you--pile of wet autumn leaves.
Someone finally asks, “Can you ever be
in love again?” But you're at an age
when you must confess, the distance
to this life in love is too far for, “Yes.”
And then you lose your fear of death.
-- Clem


The Seat of Wisdom

Last night my son took a spoon and sculpted a stylized heart in a bowl of yoghurt.

Last week two dear friends photographed heart-shaped stones.

My friend Beth observed on Saturday that the horse we were admiring had a marking shaped like a heart.

The song my daughter wrote for Father’s Day on Sunday was of course, signed with a heart.

The bracelet my husband gave me for my birthday was engraved with small silver hearts.

Indeed it seems that every garden and every home I enter, no matter how cynical or drunken or bedraggled the proprietor, heart-shaped designs emerge -- on wind chimes, paintings, banners stuck in lawns, refrigerator magnets, vases, paperweights, bars of soap. Call it corny, but we have embraced this ancient symbol and celebrate it everywhere.

Gandhi tells us, Culture of mind must be subservient to heart.

Confucius observes: Laws and words do not rule the world: symbols do.

The symbol for the heart appears to have originated as an indication, not just of romantic love -- but o…
in hoc signo vinces

Scattered Thoughts


Did the ancients ask of the sun,
What shall I do, or what have I done.


Plato: “the motions akin to the divine parts in us are the thoughts and revolutions of the universe; these, therefore, every man should follow.”

As above, so below.

The Egyptian term for this order was Ma’at, in India it is Dharma, and in China, Tao, or The Way.

Today in the West we call it New Age Malarkey, or as my dear friend Art G calls it, Newage,
(rhymes with sewage).

Mecocosm: a mediating middle cosmos, through which the microcosm of the individual is brought into relation to the macrocosm of the universe.

So where did the New Age miss a crucial turn ? From its first step. The fundamental distinction between metaphysics and monotheism is always a matter, not of who spirit is, but of its primary residence: ‘out there’ (in mind, vaulted sky, and rainbow), or here, in scent, flesh, base metal, bone, stone, and yes, of course, poem.

Even conventional religion knows to revere and invoke the elements in order that the …

You are Here.




Zito the Magician

- Miroslav Holub

To amuse His Royal Majesty he will change water into wine. Frogs into
footmen. Beetles into bailiffs. And make a Minister out of a rat. He
bows, and daisies grow from his finger tips. And a talking bird sits
on his shoulder.


Think up something else, demands His Royal Majesty.
Think up a black star. So he thinks up a black star.
Think up dry water. So he thinks up dry water.
Think up a river with straw bands. So he does.


Then along comes a student and asks: Think up sine alpha greater than one.

And Zito grows pale and sad: Terribly sorry. Sine is between
plus one and minus one. Nothing you can do about that.
And he leaves the great royal empire,
quietly weaves his way through the throng of courtiers,
to his home in a nutshell.
Body says to shadow how do you keep up ? ..- Gary Snyder

photo Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Said the Lichen to the Stone

i heart u said the lichen to the stone said the speckle to the roan
said the sand to the foam said the flesh to the bone.

photo Dan Rosen