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Newborn foals, hats, and roles, & curiously balanced cats

How You Might Approach a Foal:
like a lagoon, like a canoe, like you
are part earth and part moon, like
a bloom, like deja vu, like you
had never been to the brink or the Louvre,
like straw, like air, like your mother had just this morning braided a dream into your hair, like you have nothing to attend to, like you had never heard a sermon or a scathing word, like a fool, like a pearl, like you and new to the world.

The little poem above first appeared in The New Criterion, was later reprinted in Best American Poetry, was set to music twice, was the subject of a Youtube discussion with high school kids, made its way into a dear friend's Tedx Talk, was the subject of a comprehensive review in Borderlands, appeared in RCAH Center for Poetry,and will appear in an upcoming anthology entitled Here, with an introduction by the Dalai Lama.  Except for its first appearance in The New Criterion, each of these inclusions and collaborations and requests came as a complete surprise to me.  The poem, or should I say, the …