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Alcohol Inks on Yupo, Instructional Video

I would like to thank all those who have ordered the Instructional Video for painting with Alcohol Inks. Little did we know there would be so much interest, and so many orders. I hope to have Part II available soon. Stay tuned, and may the inks be with you.

From the Nest

Our eldest is fleeing the nest.

 She is eighteen, graduated high school, and weary of rules and curfews, reminders, nudges, and general naggings. And indeed, I have grown weary of delivering these things.

A new language is born between us.

 She is both excited and uncertain, as are we.

 She was named for the rain.

 Accompanying all the bright ponies of sentiment, worry, and conflicting emotion: a brown mare, reminding me the sweetness of the grass.

 The new book I'm writing -- and illustrating -- if that be the word, has compelled me invoke my childhood guiding stars: The Brothers Grimm, CS Lewis, Kipling, Yeats, Gorey, Sendak, Mother Goose, and faery tale.

 Is this a children's book I'm writing ? Not quite, but Quite.

 Will it be a book of poems ? In essence, yes.

 In other words, I have the vision, but not the category.

 The rhythm, but not the map.

 And remarkably, the publisher, but not the expectation.

 As I stumble along through this odd journey, may both of my c…

Word !


Per haps

- Poetry doesn't teach us how to talk to others. It teaches us how to talk to ourselves.

 - Bloom

Alcohol Inks on Yupo in May


Once, in a Blue Moon


I have only three criterion for what I go on reading and teaching: aesthetic splendor, intellectual power, and wisdom.
- Harold Bloom



Shawnee Rayne



Words in the World

The current issue of Able Muse contains four of my poems:

Able Muse 

Another review of "Nevertheless" has appeared, this time in The Raintown Review.  It's only available in print, and I haven't had a chance to see it yet.  I'm told it's written by Ella Brians of Princeton:

Raintown Review

The good editors over at Angle Journal have asked me to contribute work for their inaugural issue.  The poems are available here:



Alcohol Inks on Yupo in the Grass


Alcohol Inks on Yupo Gone Wild


Portraiture and the New Camera

Mawm, I'm graduating next week. You need to let this little bird fly.   - Shawnee Rayne

I'm really glad you're a pushover, Mawm. - Samuel Hale

You make me wish I hadn't bought you that damn camera. - the Old Man

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

Rest in peace, you wild thing:

A sonnet of mine in today's column of American Life in Poetry:


What English Lacks

While English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and is said to be the most expressive, there are still a few areas where it lacks precision, or...well, le mot juste.  A look at a few words that simply don’t exist in the English language.: Age-otori (Japanese): To look worse after a haircut Backpfeifengesicht (German): A face badly in need of a fist Bakku-shan (Japanese): A beautiful girl… as long as she’s being viewed from behind Forelsket (Norwegian): The euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love Gigil (pronounced Gheegle; Filipino): The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute Ilunga (Tshiluba, Congo): A person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time L’esprit de l’escalier (French): usually translated as “staircase wit,” is the act of thinking of a clever comeback when it is too late to deliver it Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan): A look between two people that suggests an unspoken…

Tempest in a Teapot

It seems my little ditty in the April issue of POETRY has raised a few belated hackles. I suppose it's wrong of me to be amused:

Poetry Foundation

Alcohol Inks, Yupo, and YouTube