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The Colors of Things

In Ghardaia and other parts of M'zab, houses painted in green indicate that the inhabitants have made a pilgrimage to Mecca.

There is no blue without yellow and orange.
- Van Gogh

Color possesses me.
- Paul Klee

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.

- Picasso


Kathleen Raine

"Neo-Platonism may be compared to an underground river that flows through European history, sending up, from time to time, springs and fountains; and wherever its fertilizing stream emerges, there imaginative thought revives, and we have a period of great art and poetry."
This, my friends, should go without saying, though I wouldn't call it Neo-Platonism, nor would I limit this river's course to European history and art. And while civilizations await the next imaginative genius, let us be reminded that while materialist science flourishes, great art must in turn, fall fallow. The continuum, or river as it were, is hardly broken, however, nor is it shallow.
A nod, then, to we ordinary practitioners, who unwittingly or otherwise, spend the hours keeping the underground river perhaps sluggish, but in motion -- for the new Blake, Shake, or Michelangelo to come bursting up through the earth.

The old woman in Clifton leaning back in a chair barely there.

One young worm making the earth turn.

All down every road the horses let me say hello.

M A Griffiths

The Bataleur
She was returning to the gauntlet when some dolt yee-hawed a horn. She slewed left, fetched off course, alarmed, towards the misty fen. I heard the sharp cries of the crowd, and stretched my ungloved wrist out wide. She landed there as softly as a stork re-sits its nest. She gazed at me and I absorbed her stare. She preened her wind-combed quills, then came to rest sphinx-still, her eyes a blaze of feral gold. The handler bustled up to break the charm. He mentioned luck, unlocked her talon-hold, and claimed the eagle from my unscathed arm. Between her wingbeats, Nature spurned the rule that beauty shows no mercy to a fool.

Barn's burnt down. Now I can see the moon.

- Mizuta Masahide


My book will officially be released May 2nd, and is now available for pre-ordering. With deep thanks to all those near and far, from 'spherians to innerds, from the mekkas to my angels here on Mayfair who have so lovingly supported and encouraged my scribbles over the years. Also, a special thanks to Alex Pepple, the very patient and gracious editor at AMP.
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