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Peddling the Wares

A few months ago I was asked by the editor at Poetry Review (UK), if I would contribute some work to their upcoming issue.  Being the dope that I am, I had no idea it was a journal of some prestige.  I'm happy to appear in its pages:

Poetry Review

The good people at The Blue Pig Gallery in Palisade have asked me to be their Artist of the Month for July.  I'll hang several new works and will demonstrate Alcohol Inks on July 8 at the Gallery:

Blue Pig Gallery

The Raw Canvas in downtown Grand Junction will feature several of my works for their upcoming Show:  Cirque de Fringe:

A Glimpse, Harriet Monroe:

on Alan Sullivan

I was invited to speak on a panel at The West Chester Poetry conference this year on the subject of Alan Sullivan.  Alan never failed to move, inspire, challenge, or frustrate every poet who crossed his path.  He did not frustrate me, though I was often startled by his approval of my work, whims, impulses, and poetic obsessions.  He did make sure I knew it when I was letting my ego get in the way of an otherwise good poem. Because he was so exacting and so brutally honest, and because his knowledge and intuition were profound, I allowed myself to believe him when he encouraged me to send my poems to the best journals out there. Alan lived long enough to see my work appearing regularly in Poetry Magazine, and I think it made him proud as a peacock -- though of course he detested the journal itself. I declined the West Chester offer, but I'm glad to have heard accounts from other panelists, and grateful to see the colorful, remarkably honest memoir Aaron Poochigan shared with the gr…

How To, Alcohol Inks on Yupo, Tutorial

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Alcohol Inks on Yupo

There's something pleasing in a pear.


Image and Word

With thanks to friend Stewart Warren, my inky images have graced the covers of a couple of books this year:

Videlock cover

Videlock cover

Sylvia's Sketches:

An Unusual Commencement Speech: You are Not Special

There really ought to be a better word for Syntax.


Facebook Photo of the Day


Another Review of Nevertheless

A review of my book, 'Nevertheless' appears in the current New Walk, out of London.  It's an excellent and provocative journal.  They don't make their contents available online, but information is available here:

New Walk