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From the Desk

Exposed: Art Opening and Masquerade Ball at the Raw Canvas in Downtown Junction, Sept 7. I'll have several new works featured. Bring your weird:


 Greek poet and translator, Pantelis Tsibiskakis, has been in touch for permission to translate "The Hawk" into Greek for an upcoming book.


I've been asked by friend and fine poet, Uche Ogbuji, to play the role of August's "Poet of the Month" for Kin Journal. This entailed a brief interview, a few scattered ink images, a few poems. I'd forgotten to mention this, and here we are, the last day of August:


Tumbleweeds and Stumblestones

The finest horses have the most tender mouths.

You can't go around kicking every barking dog in your path.

Shoot low, boys, they're ridin' Shetland ponies.

No estoy allí aún

At the cross-country pot-luck dinner tonight, my son sent one of his bilingual friends over to engage me in Espanol.  The conversation was going swimmingly, and I was feeling rather pleased with myself, until I called the poor boy a vegetable.

Otoño, estoy listo.

A Sobering Thought

To know how good you are at something requires the same skills as it does to be good at that thing. Which means if you’re absolutely hopeless at something, you lack exactly the skills it takes to know you’re absolutely hopeless at it. This is a profound discovery—that most people who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing have absolutely no idea that they have no idea what they’re doing. It explains a great deal of life.” —John Cleese

Gary the Snail does Thom Gunn


Alcohol Inks on Yupo


Metaphor, Sustenance, and the Reading Life

La Familia

The boy-child breaks a record.

The husband climbs a Fourteener.

The girl-child sings a song.

On Bool Sheet

More from the Modern Master of Etymology:

The Inky Fool

A Worthy Difficulty



Where thou art, that is home.

- ED