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What's that you say, October ?

"I had sent a rather creepy narrative poem about Sleeping Beauty, called “Beauty is Sleeping,” to a small magazine, which wrote back to me that “you can’t write about beauty in the 20th century and get away with it.”  - Annie Finch
No ideas but in things !!

Mechanistic science would have us believe that even memory is biological. 

Every poem begins as a ring of fire.

Most end in shallow pits of ash.

Still others, flight.


Let there be ash.

Let there be light.

As the spirit  plunges under  and the body  knows its sender 
and the reaper splices the moon, we brooders  burst into bloom.   


Whut'd you say ?

North of Mist

Just north of mist,
along the border,
 half a color
from the water,

 under the kiss
of shadow's daughter,
 (two breaths backward,

one word upward),
 past the rumpled
terra cotta,
 down the salve

of templed sorrow,
 up the scales
of Bach, and Buddha,
 down the moon

of broken solder,
 through the eyes
of someone's father,
 in the grass

beside the water;
 one part liar,
one part seer,
 one part lyric,

one part scholar,
 this is the walk
we come to wander,
 one part illness,
 one part healer.

Wendy Videlock (this poem first published in Poetry)


David Berber

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

In the last few years, painting with alcohol inks has really taken off.   I've received hundreds of orders  from all over the world, from Mexico to Australia to Africa.  Just three years ago, the medium was virtually unknown.  I'm delighted to see what people are doing with the inks and the different substrates they've discovered.  If you'd like to order instructional DVDs, feel free to contact me at
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I heard the other day that unused creativity is not benign.