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Shawnee, New Mexico


Samuel, sleeping



Sending wishes for

a reasonably
merry season:

equal measures


and treason,

and meaning,


and sudden


grumbles, hymns,

and tires


gimme gimme

and receiving


and graceful leanings.

(first published in LNR)

A Word on Taxonomy

It's said that whatever the field, animals, religions, language, symbols, whatever -- similarities can be explained by just three mechanisms: convergence, borrowing, and common origin.

I am busy trying to come up with a fourth.

Worst Fear

As a child, it was quicksand.
The very land
could not be trusted.
I took to poking the ground
with a stick.
In retrospect, this fear
was sound.
It wasn’t the quick

that terrified,
but the slow

(first published in SF Broadside)


Change is the new,
word for god,

lovely enough
to light a song
or implicate

a sea of wrongs,
mighty enough,

like other gods,

to shelter,
bring together,

and estrange us.

Please, god,
we seem to say,

change us.

(first published in Poetry)

The Kind

You know the kind;
each time she calls
someone to her

has been unkind.
by her own kind,

by daily crimes,
she’s called to find

some sweetness in
a bitter time,
and one small favor

if you don’t mind.

(first published in Measure)

The Owl

Beneath her nest
a shrew’s head,
a finch’s beak
and the bones
of a quail attest
the owl devours
the hour,
and disregards
the rest. (first published in Poetry)

Consider This:

Metaphor is an exception caught becoming a rule.

- Nemerov

About Certainty

So much can be learned
from the open curve
of the question mark,
from the comma's calm,

from the certain G,
and the soft w,
from the kindred link
of the q and the u,

and yet,

and yet,

in this state,
a breath away
from the fervent curve,
from the i and the u

is the certain fear
of a kind of dark:
the abrupt chagrin,
the erasure mark.

(first published in Eleventh Muse)