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Language of the Solstice, Favors of the Moon

You are what is female and you shall be called Eve. And what is masculine shall be called God.
And from your name Eve we shall take the word Evil. And from God’s, the word Good. Now you understand patriarchal morality.
       -- Judy Grahn

I won't let the good men go unsung
Good men throw their bodies on the lives
of their mothers and their children and their wives
and the unknown.  Good men don't die alone

Each day this year, my soul has been punched and stunned
by bullet-men ripping through the dance we do
by bully-men raping girls or threatening to
by barging-men pushing first through the doors of power

while good men act as if nothing mattered more
than to restore the faded elf to the christmas tree
to greet you every morning with toast and tea
to be the hand pressed in the hole the bullet tore

I refuse to let the good men go unsung
They are not many.  They are one and one and one ....

                        Cally Conan Davies, New Verse News

There is one story and one story only That will prove…

The Vanishing Point

All these years learning to verse,  learning to draw,  learning to live
with my skin on, it dawns: there's something sublime  about the line.  

In the beginning was the word,  the word nobody heard, and only the shadow, 
only the shadow  knows where the hell the line goes.
It isn't where
a line begins or where it ends, but whether it deems itself feigned
or suddenly, strangely ordained.

punch line 
underline and borderline
bottom line 
beeline, shoreline, timberline
and waterline

front line, baseline, byline
fault line
skyline, waistline, neckline