Western Colorado Writers Conference, Rites and Lights

Poetry is a silly business. Unnecessary, and complete.

-Jack Mueller

Chrissie Allinson and Jack Mueller

yrs truly (photo Uche Ogbuji)

Oh. My. God.
Chrissy and yrs truly (photo Dave Mason)

All change is good.

- Cally Conan Davies

Jack Mueller, Chrissy Allinson, Danny Rosen

Chrissy Allinson and Dave Mason

What do we know but that we face

one another in this place ?


Jack and Dan

Chrissy and Dave

Ouchi Ogbuji and Rich Ott


too long I have trusted you.

-Rosemerry Wahtolla Tromer

Rosemerry and Janice

Shawnee Rayne Videlock

Tony Alcantara and yrs truly

Little do we know this fall ...

- Janice Gould

Janice Gould and Mimi Wheatland

You got an attitude
a' gratitude...

- Kim Nuzo


Dave Mason

Danny and Francis

Uche and yrs truly

Shawnee and Robin



from shape to shape ....

- Art Goodtimes


There is no need to overcompensate.

-Luis Lopez


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