A Few Things from the Desk

The editors from "Dream the End" have been in touch to ask if they could select work from 'Nevertheless' for the current issue of the zine. An unusual presentation of the poems: Dream the End

I've been contacted by the Poetry Foundation, who have asked permission to run ten of the poems in collaboration with PIW. This one is very good news indeed. Since I've stopped actively publishing, the work that is already out in the world moves round a little, without any help from me. That some of the poems have legs is comforting, though of course I'd prefer they had wings.

Also, I've discovered that New Walk Magazine, out of Leicester, England, will be running a review of "Nevertheless" in their upcoming issue. Hope it comes down in general on the favorable side. It's a strong journal.

And finally, the visual work is currently featured at the Blue Pig Gallery out in Palisade: Blue Pig