El Tiempo es Oro

Home sick with a cold, five days and running. It's remarkable how much can get done from the confines of the couch. I've read three books, written a couple of congested poems, caught up on my emails, responded to an interview, screwed around sufficiently on FB, consumed a few dozen cups of camomile tea, lost a couple of pounds, written my holiday cards, accrued a couple of blisters, and considered carefully the laws of gravity, depravity, and unintended consequences.

We turn from the light to see.

- Don Paterson

When asked what single thing humans might, en masse, visualize, pray for, or meditate upon, which might produce a collective shift, the noted meta-biologist replied:

Not world peace, nor love; these things are too nebulous, and perhaps even beyond our imaginations. Better instead to manifest gratitude.

Perhaps gratitude, he adds, is the only antidote to greed.


Merrill proclaims: Echo of mine, I am amenable !

Emerson speaks of the aboriginal self.

Yeats of simplification through intensity.

Bloom of the wonder-wounded state of mind.

A suicidal friend from long ago murmurs from the edge of time.


Nearly midnight, and snow has begun to fall in the valley.

El tiempo es oro.

In some quarters, this little spanish phrase is translated as

Time is money.

In other quarters,

Time is golden.