My Moses, My Ack, my Boo Budada

The beloved and cantankerous one has taken a fall, and was found to be unwell. He's been in hospital, teetering on all manner of medical edges, for some two or three months.  It would surprise no one to hear he is not going gentle.  Perhaps he has promises to keep. Perhaps he's just a stubborn ol git.  I am convinced he is alive by sheer will. Though his body is riddled with illness and he is quite weak, he mostly remains lovable, quotable, and puckishly horrible.  


by Jack Mueller

Physics has lost its walls
Coincidence is overworked
And history bleeds internally

Each complaint has less validity
Than the one preceding
Lust wobbles the planet

Light leaks outward toward the sun
To feed its bright indifference
Little by little, water leaves Earth

Leaving kisses as slow torture
To parched lips, oceans
As giant calligraphers of silence.

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