Belle Turnbulle, Unsung Masters Series, Pleaides Press

Happy to have played a small part in this worthy project: 
"Well-known during her life but long out of print,Turnbull’s lyrics of sublime alpine wilderness and her narratives about the harsh and dangerous world of hard rock mining offer us a profoundly original vision of the American west that transcends the region.
"In poems that are as consoling as they are unsettling, Belle Turnbull extracted and refined the meanings of mountains, miners, memory, and mortality. Now, nearly fifty years after her death, a team of gifted writers—serving as Turnbull’s latter-day friends in high places—joins together to rescue her work from our inattention, and return us to her company. “

With essays by Dave Rothman, Dave Mason, Uche Ogbuji, Susan Spears, and others

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